Hi, I'm Andy Littleand I make stuff for the web.

It's something I've been doing for a while now and I'm lucky to have found a challenge that I love waking up to every morning. I currently work with an amazing team at a large e-commerce site, but I'm always looking for new opportunities to hone and expand my knowledge and skills. I'm mainly a developer with a base of HTML, CSS, and JQuery, but I've played around with other front end technologies like Ruby, Slim, Flight, PHP, as well as Java, C++, and SQL. Design and UX is what I'm most interested in getting better at so I can participate in all aspects of the conversation. More information about what I'm currently doing can be found on my blog (which is always old) and I like to play around on CodePen. The code for this site can be found here.
This site will hopefully become better looking on IE8 over time but for right now, if you would like to see the full site, please access it using a more modern browser.